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DP-26 Digital Controller
详细介绍:DP Series is a high-level Advanced 2 into 4, 2 into 6, 3 into six, four into eight digital audio signal processor. It uses the most suitable high-performance parts, in order to obtain the best audio effects, the lowest distortion and noise. DP family of audio processors with 40-bit floating point DSP processor as the central processing, greatly enhance the dynamic range of signal processing, higher than the 24-bit design quality of many times.
DPA1216 Intelligent digital audio matrix
详细介绍:DPA1216 series digital audio media matrix have accurate and extensive control of audio,12 balanced mic/input channels including conpressor,equalizer,noise gate,noise cancellation,feedback suppressor,12 balanced output channel including 31-segment graphic equalizer,delaying,compressor,andvoltage-limiter module,usb interface,pc software net port.
DP-1616A Intelligent Digital Audio Matrix
详细介绍:DP-1616A Intelligent Digital Audio Matrix
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