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  • Guangdong Zhenai CLUB
  • Guangdong Zhenai CLUB
  • Guangdong Zhenai CLUB
产品名称:Guangdong Zhenai CLUB

 True love CLUB and ACS audio wonderful bloom

After a series of renovations and renovations, True Love CLUB has become a famous high-end leisure club in the region. Each of the clubhouses is carefully crafted and designed with 58 unique luxury private rooms, combining simple European, Chinese, modern and retro styles. The ingenious lobby created by the ingenuity, the unique and luxurious decoration design creates an elegant and refined overall style.

As a high-end club in Foshan City, the CLUB has strict screening requirements for lighting and sound systems. After strict screening by investors, the effect of ACS audio finally stands out and wins the favor and recognition of investors. According to the decoration style and characteristics of the true love nightclub, ACS audio professionals have developed a detailed sound reinforcement scheme for each sound reinforcement area of the bar.

     True love CLUB is more than just a nightclub. It is a trend.

     True Love CLUB creates an extraordinary entertainment experience whenever and wherever you need it.      

     True love CLUB fashionista gathering place, the new pursuit of trend players.

     True Love CLUB is opening a night that is more exciting than during the day.

     True Love CLUB integrates the strongest star lineup in Europe, America and Hong Kong.

     True love CLUB is a luxurious and enjoyable life.

     True love CLUB synchronizes global trend music.

The luxurious style of the hall and the high-end hardware equipment bring guests a perfect sensory experience, which is deeply loved by the audience. The vitality and ultimate beauty create a touching color for the entertainment life of Foshan City.

Product List

1.CD112 12" professional club audio

2.CD110 10" professional club audio

3.GD99 wireless with induction microphone

4.MA series high performance power amplifier

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